The Legendary Harley-Davidson

Type WLA42 rebuilt as Bobber


Model :                              42-WLA
Piston Displacement :    45,3
in3 (747 ccm)
Horsepower :                  23,5
Production :                    About 90'000 WLA produced between September 1941 and August 1945 for World War II have the same first 5 digits "42WLA" as VIN number 
                                           This WLA was built mid of 1944  as Type VI in accordance with the U.S. Army contract 11-022-ORD-381
Price :                               379,84 USD
History :                          Was delivered to the Russians in accordance with the lend-lease program of the U.S. Covernment
                                          The target of this program was to support other armies against the Germans
                                          Found in the area of lake Baikal and imported to Germany
Restauration:                 Rebuilt as Bobber around historical facts from Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee in 2013